OL, Juninho: “Bruno Cheyrou will give new energy”

During Tino Cadaver’s presentation, Juninho talked about the new head of the recruitment unit: Bruno Cheyrou.

This Wednesday Olympique Lyonnais presented his new recruiter, striker Tino Kadewere, arrived from Le Havre. It was also an opportunity for the new duo responsible for the sporting part of the club: Juninho and Bruno Cheyrou, to present themselves for the first time to the media. The Brazilian sports manager made no secret of the fact that he was looking forward to working with Bruno Cheyrou, Florian Maurice’s successor.

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“After the departure of Florian (Maurice) who had done an excellent job for several years, we needed a new head of the recruitment cell. I already knew Bruno, we did our UEFA training together, and I think it was important to renew the staff , to get new energy. I hope we will work well with Bruno Cheyrou “, said the Brazilian sports director for Olympique Lyonnais.

Cheyrou: “My responsibility is important”

After his appointment in late May, Bruno Cheyrou took the opportunity to answer the first questions about his new role: “I am happy to be here, to be a part of this beautiful Olympic family. I thank June. This is an important period that must be handled as well as possible. My responsibility is important in relation to what Florian did in this position and in relation to the questions. There is a lot of success to prepare and the recruiting cells must be effective. I can’t wait for the competition to start. “

Resumption of Ligue 1, OL continues the fight

The new head of the Olympique Lyonnais recruitment unit had already given his first words to the club’s chain and returned in particular to points that would be improved after a disappointing season: “We all made the same observation. Last season there were very good players but they lacked personality, character, strength to tell the truths, show their teeth in relation to the opponent “

“It will be one of the recruiting unit’s work lines to give more character. The inner quality of the team is very interesting. We need to find strong personalities. It takes everything in a team to have a balance. We need different personalities. If we have 11 leaders will end up in a general fight every time and that is not the goal. It will take 2-3 to pass these values ​​on to others. “, added the former midfielder.