OL, Juninho takes over the transfer window: “If the players are not satisfied, they must leave”

Olympique Lyonnais, the sports director, made a long update to the summer transfer window and promised departures and hoped to retain Memphis Depay.

Seventh in Ligue 1, Olympique Lyonnais will probably be deprived of the Champions League next season, but can compete in the Europa League if they win the League Cup final. The European presence or not of the Olympics will inevitably have an impact on Gone’s next season’s workforce as well as on the summer transfer window. Attending a press conference on Wednesday for the presentation of Tino Kadewere, Juninho spoke at length about the summer transfer window and put pressure on the players.

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“We have to change the balance of the team, the state. If the players are not happy to be there they have to leave, the season has not been perfect and we want to do something better next year (…) It’s just an analysis on my part, I have the right to do that. We have a workforce that has a lot of quality, we have talked for a while but we have not failed to create the ideal frame of mind and we lost points at home that would have prevented us from getting in seventh place“, hammered the Olympic Sports Director.

“This is a team where there is no leader in the workforce, we discuss it, last year when I arrived I met some players who were not happy to be there, I was surprised. There are very few players who can play at a higher level than We discussed with some, there will be departures and arrivals, the state of mind is fundamental, those who will not be happy will leave“, Brazil added.

Juninho talked about the possible sale of his best players because of the absence of the European Cup: “Moussa Dembélé and Houssem Aouar are among the best players on the team but there are different cases. For Houssem, we know that the best players in the club leave at one time or another. Moussa had a good season, he scored many goals. If we lose players at this level, I hope we can attract players at the same level. In defense we ended the season with three central, I think we need people “.

“If Memphis feels there is a project behind it, it can help keep it going”

The Sports Manager hopes to keep Memphis Depay: “When you lose your big star on injury one and a half years from the end of his contract, it’s complicated. Memphis is very important to us, we want him to stay and we started talking about an extension. He has resumed with all staff for preparation, I hope we will be able to extend him, but I don’t know if we will get there. Is C1 an argument for keeping him? We know that “After six months of stoppage time, players take time to recover, but in a match, he help us, I think he will be ready to play against Juventus even if it is up to Rudi to choose. if he feels there is a real project behind, maybe yes that will help us keep it. “

OL, Kadewere shows his ambitions

The Brazilian also spoke about the club’s young situation: “Will there be more room for young people? There is always a debate, there is always will, but just because you are young and you come from here does not mean that you have to play if you do not deserve it. Of course, if there is no European Cup, things will change, as there will be fewer matches during the season and we will not be able to have too much labor. We are also finalizing the discussions to sign Pierre Kalulu’s contract, I hope he will sign soon. I think we will start by lining it up as a right back if he signs up, so we have to talk to Rafael and Tete about a start We came up with an important proposal, he thinks about it with his father, I hope he will to make the right choice. “

Finally, Jean-Michel Aulas confirmed that the Olympics could be strengthened despite the absence of the European Cup: “It is not because we have challenged the end of the season that we are happy with what we have done up to the 28th day. There will be a number of ways this summer, we are lucky enough to be well structured, now Covid-19 will also have cost us EUR 100 million … The group’s turnover was EUR 268 million in March, we left to earn 360 million in sales But no, we were robbed of these remaining EUR 100 million, for PSG it is 180. But they still have huge funds, so much better for them (…) We still have not far from € 400 million in equity, OL is in very good financial health. For girls and boys you see that we will not be cool, whether we are in the European Cup or not. “