Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is heard by the courts

The prosecutor’s office in Bergamo, northern Italy, will hear the head of government Giuseppe Conte in connection with an investigation into the management of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 34,000 people on the peninsula.

Giuseppe Conte will be heard by the courts. According to Italian press agencies, the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo (northern Italy) will hear the head of government as part of an investigation into the management of the Covid-19 epidemic. Italy is still the European country most affected by the pandemic, which killed more than 34,000 people there.

The magistrates, who could go to Rome to hear GiuseppeConte, also wanted to listen to the testimonies of Health Ministers, Roberto Speranza, and Home Minister Luciana Lamorgese added the same agencies.

According to the websites of two Italian newspapers, Corriere della Sera and Il Sole-24 Ore, investigations may begin on Wednesday in the Italian capital.

Delay in establishing a “red zone”

The Prosecutor’s Office in Bergamo, a martyr city in the Lombardy region and the episode of the pandemic that hit Italy from early February to May, is conducting several separate investigations related to this tragedy.

That magistrate wants to hear GiuseppeConte and his two ministers are concerned about the delays in establishing a “red zone” consisting of two municipalities in this department, Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, particularly affected by the coronavirus.

The central government and the leaders of Lombardy reject the responsibility for this delay, which had a dramatic impact on the saturation of the health system, the increase in mortality and the spread of the new coronavirus in this region.

State or region responsibility?

Heard in late May before the Bergamo Prosecutor’s Office, the President of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana and his regional health official, Giulio Gallera, said that the government had decided to set up the “red zone” in Rome.

As the Minister for Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, replied at the time, “even the region could have established it, there is a law that allows it”.

The whole question therefore concerns who, from the central government or from Lombardy, would have set up this “red zone” between 3 and 9 March.

This investigation is different from the group action brought on Wednesday morning, also in Bergamo. About fifty complaints were filed with the local prosecutor’s office of relatives of victims of Covid-19.


The first “red zones” in Italy were established at the end of February by the government’s decision in Rome and referred to a dozen municipalities in Lombardy, especially Codogno, the city “patient number one”.

“Those who made mistakes must pay”

At the beginning of March, the epidemic continued to spread, with two major outbreaks, in the two municipalities Nembro and Alzano, in the department of Bergamo.

The Technical and Scientific Committee (CTS), which advises the government of Giuseppe Conte, then proposed the introduction of a “red zone” there, assessing that the situation “worsened throughout Lombardy”, while the Higher Institute de la santé (ISS) recommended the same measure the next day in these two municipalities.

According to Corriere, the chief minister again met these experts on March 6 to finally choose to proclaim the whole country as a “red zone”, through a decree signed on March 7, coming into force two days later, thus losing valuable time to contain the pandemic.

“After so many lies and shameful attacks, justice is being done: those who have made mistakes must pay,” said Matteo Salvini, head of the league (far right) to which the Lombard president belongs on Wednesday. himself was severely criticized for his handling of the crisis.

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