“Away with the old world?”

In the French press, on Thursday, June 11, 2020, controversy over streaming platform HBO Max’s decision to temporarily remove the legendary American movie “Gone with the Wind” from its catalog. An initiative that is presented as a way to participate in the fight against racism, which some consider to be laudable but perceived as a form of censorship by others.

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world remember the importance of Victor Fleming’s feature film – one of the greatest successes in film history, released in 1939, which won ten Oscars the following year, and whose story presents a romanticized version of the South before the American Civil War. A watered down version of slavery, regularly accused of driving racist prejudice – even a revisionist view of American history. These themes are at the very heart of the current protest movement in the United States since the murder of George Floyd. For the platform of the WarnerMedia group, keeping this movie in its directory “without explanation (or) explanation of (its) representation (of slavery) would have been irresponsible”, and the group declares that it does not want to censor it, without putting it back row later, with a contextualization of the era.

The initiative is welcomed by Huffington Post, who consider it “primordial”. The question from the website, specialist in the history of African American cinema Régis Dubois, believes that “making this movie completely gone would not be a good idea”, but that the solution is effective “to provide explanations or a warning” without “destroying the traces of “We must look our history in the face and accompany these testimonies of history, it is part of our duty to remember,” he explains, drawing a parallel to the statues of colonialists unattended in Bristol or Antwerp, by demonstrators.

Le Figaro, he is complimenting and reminding us that already in 2017, an American movie had programmed the movie, following a similar controversy. By then, the magazine had reacted in a grandstand, which it publishes today – a vitriol paper against “the little soldiers of multiculturalism”, accused of “judging the film by moral standards” of another era, in a setting deemed “absurd and anachronistic”. “Away with the Wind was released in 1939, the magazine hammered. At that time, Martin Luther King sang with the church in his church in Atlanta for the premiere of the film. The fight for civil rights was not yet a distant dream and the diversified ideology of science fiction. of this, it would be necessary to ban half of American film production of the time. And first and foremost, the West and their mythicized vision of the West, where the Indians, presented as savages, deserved to be genocide by the nice cowboys. ”

Finally, I suggest you throw an eyelash on The Obs, which reports on a much less controversial topic, though … Summer is coming, and with it a trend I let you judge: jellyfish, not the animal, but the plastic sandal that prevents slipping on the rocks. According to the newspaper, this return of jellyfish would be part of a broader trend, fashion for “ugly shoes”, “ugly shoes” …