Christophe Castaner helpless before police anger

Christophe Castaner tried on Thursday to cut off the police anger without succeeding. Despite his conversations with police unions, reactions are virulent among police who feel “dropped” by their minister, while demonstrations to condemn police violence and racism in police are increasing in France.

The dialogue is broken between the police and “the first police in France”. “Police in France no longer regard Christophe Castaner as the first police officer in France. He released us on Monday, threw us out for food on Monday. their colleagues “to stop interrogating, to stop intervening”.

At the unions’ talks, the rally held together in the late afternoon in several cities in France, especially in Saint-Etienne, Bobigny, Toulouse and even Lille, where in the rain a hundred policemen dressed in their uniforms shouted “Castaners departure” before entering La Marseillaise . Each time the police symbolically placed their cuffs on the ground.

However, on Thursday, Christophe Castaner tried to drive away police anger. He received police unions, Alliance and Unsa police and he had to meet the officers and commissioners on Friday. But so far, the Interior Minister has failed to spread their anger.

Alliance has threatened industrial action in the coming days. “An interior minister must be behind his police,” said Fabien Vanhemelryck, secretary general. “The minister is out of bounds but the president of the republic is just as much.”

“Zero tolerance” does not pass

The causes of anger are great: the ban on using the “wrench” as a technique of arrest is, according to the unions, equivalent to leaving them without the means to arrest violent people, “zero tolerance” for racism in the police is seen as a general charge.

The death of George Floyd in the United States at the knees of the police has revived the allegations of police violence and racism in France. Accusations brought by the Adama Traoré Committee, named after a young black man who died in July 2016 following his arrest of gendarmes. As a result of the mobilization of 20,000 people, before the court on June 2, the executive sought to calm the tensions, and President Emmanuel Macron asked Christophe Castaner to act. Which was done on Monday.

“The feeling of deep injustice”

The Director General of the National Police (DGPN), Frédéric Veaux, and Paris Head of Police, Didier Lallement, have each written to their respective troops to assure them of their support and their confidence. “In this very special period when the challenges of our actions are permanent and increasingly aggressive, I want to tell you that there is no doubt,” the police chief wrote on Wednesday.

“Against the background of confusion and amalgams maintained by a minority, I share with you the feeling of deep injustice,” the DGPN wrote on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the unions had already heard the alarm with Frédéric Veaux and told him that “disgust”, that “feeling of abandonment” by the police after statements by the minister.

With AFP