Despite Covid-19’s ravages, Sao Paulo reopens its businesses

The largest city in Brazil, a country where nearly 40,000 people died of coronavirus, partially opened its businesses on Wednesday. The rules for social distance have rarely been followed.

More than 70,000 dead in Latin America and the Caribbean, including almost 40,000 in Brazil, the third most distressed country in the world: the coronavirus pandemic crossed new thresholds on the American continent overnight Wednesday, June 10 through Thursday, June 11, but Brazil’s economic life is disappearing.

The stores opened on Wednesday in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. Many queues were formed before the stores opened and 25 de Março, which is full of small popular stores, was very busy, says an AFP photographer.

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Most passers-by wore protective masks, but rules for social distance were rarely followed, with full shops and frequently visited sidewalks.

Stores are allowed to open only four hours a day, from 11 am to 3 pm, in accordance with strict hygiene rules, such as distribution of hydroalcohol gel to customers.

The malls should open again on Thursday, the day before Dia dos Namorados, corresponding to Valentine’s Day in Brazil, on condition that an agreement was signed between the City Hall and representatives of the sector.

Opening of companies deemed rushed by specialists

In the city of Sao Paulo, populated by 12 million inhabitants, occupancy of intensive care beds is 67%.

But the state of Sao Paulo, which has 46 million inhabitants and a territory equivalent to half of France, recorded 340 deaths over the past 24 hours, a record, for a total of nearly 10,000 deaths.

Many specialists believe that the opening of companies is rapid, while the pandemic curves are still increasing.

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In Rio de Janeiro, the country’s second most populous city and largest tourist hub, Mayor Marcelo Crivella on Wednesday confirmed that the malls will open again on Thursday, with some restrictions.

The car parks only work with one third of their capacity and the restaurants can only offer takeaway food. Security guards must also measure the temperature of customers before entering these shopping centers.

Since the pandemic began, right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly called for the resumption of economic activity and urged employers to wage a “war” against the governors of states that have taken containment measures.

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