Ivory Coast attack: a dozen dead, police and gender targeted

A terrorist attack in the Ivory Coast has left a dozen dead. Police and investigators have been targeted at their base in Kafolo, in the northeast of the country, near the border with Burkina Faso. The Minister of Defense promises to neutralize the perpetrators of this abuse. Since the 2016 Grand-Bassam attack, the Ivory Coast has been saved from terrorist attacks. We will be in Abidjan in this magazine.

In the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom, statues inherited from a slave or colonial past are controversial. The current mobilization against racism launches the debate on the presence of these symbols in public space. Some of the population no longer tolerate them, in Europe and Africa. Reactions across the continent in this magazine.

Congolese justice demanded 20 years in prison on Thursday against Vital Kamerhe. The cabinet director for the current head of state is on trial from Makala central prison, in Kinshasa, where he has been jailed since April last April for alleged embezzlement. Two other people are also concerned about the so-called “100 days” trial.

Morocco has begun its deconfinance process. Return to normal, which is done in steps and by region. A blow to tourism and an even more painful situation for the informal economy.

And then we’ll take you to Senegal at the end of this edition. The country has just denied its water to dozens of foreign trawlers, mainly Chinese. A victory for the small fishermen, who for several years have condemned unfair competition from these vessels from elsewhere. Report to fishermen.