jihadist attack on a border post with Burkina

An attack in the northeast of the Ivory Coast at a border post against Burkina Faso, night to Wednesday through Thursday, left at least a dozen dead, according to security sources.

An attack on a border post in Kafolo, in the northeastern Ivory Coast, near the border with Burkina Faso, on the night of Wednesday, June 10 through Thursday, June 11, and attributed to jihadists who made “a dozen deaths” in defense and security forces, according to Ivorian and Burkinabè security sources .

Another Ivorian source reported “12 dead including 11 soldiers and a gendarme” as well as “6 wounded and 2 missing” while another Ivorian source reported “9 dead”. An attacker was killed, according to the first source.

A Burkinabé source, for his part, mentioned “ten soldiers and one killed gendarme and two others missing,” as well as “a neutralized attack.”

A jihadist attack

It is the first jihadist attack on Ivorian soil since the 2016 Grand Bassam attack [qui avait fait 19 morts]. The attack happened around 3am (local and GMT) in “the same area as the anti-jihadist operation” jointly conducted by the Ivorian and Burkinabè armies in May, according to Ivorian and Burkinabè sources.

The name “Comoé” after the river flowing between the two countries, the operation to remove jihadists in the area had led to the death of eight suspected jihadists, the arrest of 38 suspects and the destruction of a base, without loss to the Ivorian or Burkinabè forces, according to the Ivorian Army.

The presence of jihadists north of Comoé National Park had been detected for over a year. According to security sources, it was these disputes that were working in Burkina, which came to seek refuge on the Ivorian side of the border, according to security sources.

Burkina Faso faces jihadist attacks that have left nearly 1,000 dead since 2015. This attack shows that the jihadist threat falls on the Gulf of Guinea after spreading to the Sahel.

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