new investigations open in France

While demonstrations are increasing in France to condemn police violence, several investigations have been launched following complaints filed against police following measures carried out in Bondy or Vitry-sur-Seine.

With the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s hard to close your eyes today. The demonstrations in tribute to George Floyd and Adama Taoré had the advantage of highlighting police violence in France. And according to Defender of Rights, they increased last year. In his annual report published on Monday, he indicates that he registered a jump of almost 30% of the files related to “security ethics” in 2019, the majority of which relates to the police. This week, again, several investigations started after complaints against the police for racially motivated violence or insults.

Gabriel fall: the defender of the rights seized

In the Gabriel case first. On Wednesday, defense lawyer Jacques Toubon opened an investigation into the arrest of this 14-year-old boy, who accuses police of beating him and seriously injuring his eye during his arrest in Bondy, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Arrested on the night of May 25-26 when they tried to steal a scooter, the teenager, according to a police source, fell before “rebellion”. But on Monday, Home Minister Christophe Castaner said he was “disturbed” by this case, where Bobigny’s prosecutor opened an investigation, which is entrusted to IGPN, the police force.

The rights defender indicated that he had been arrested “because of the defense of the child’s rights and the control of the ethics of the security forces”, especially after receiving a letter from two deputies in Seine-Saint-Denis, Christophe Lagarde (UDI) and Sabine Rubin (LFI).

During his arrest, Gabriel claims to have received three to four kicks to his face while on the ground, overpowered and handcuffed. He also says he got a blow to the back of the cover without being able to identify the author exactly. Suffering especially from a maxillary fracture extended to the leg in the left eye, the teens are prescribed 30 days of total work interruption (ITT).

Suspicions of “racist and homophobic insults” in Vitry-sur-Seine

In Vitry-sur-Seine, near Paris, the IGPN will be seized following complaints from four families for “arbitrary detention” and “racist and homophobic insults” following the arrest of their children aged 14-15. , indicated the parquet floor in Créteil.

On May 26, four college students, including two of North African origin and a young black man, were stopped by police while they were in a park in Vitry-sur-Seine. According to concordant sources, these four young people correspond to the author’s description of a jerk the day before.

According to their lawyer, MeKarsenti, they were “handcuffed in the street for two hours before a municipal police car came to take them to the Kremlin-Bicêtre police station”. The youth say that they then got homophobic and racist insults in the car, and for one, they got to relax one of the police. Then they say they were taken into police custody without their families being notified.

However, a police source confirms that the parents were really informed more or less within an hour, and that the three youths could see a lawyer and a doctor for two of them. After their police custody, no charges were brought against them, says MeKarsenti.

With AFP