OL, Bertrand Traoré responds to criticism from supporters

Since his arrival in Lyon, Bertrand Traoré has been in alternating current which has made him a lot of criticism from the club’s supporters.

Sometimes brilliant, sometimes frustrating, Bertrand Traoré has been a paradox since his arrival in Lyon. At the end of the two-year contract with Gones, the 24-year-old winger had his worst season with the Rhodesian. Bertrand Traoré is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and is a bit of the ugly spirit of Lyon supporters. The question from Burkinabe media Sidwaya Sport gave Olympique Lyonnais, number 10, who is rare in the media, himself and found out about his adventure in the Rhone.

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“It was good and not so good, for sure. I often played on a wing, but I always said it, I feel more comfortable in the axial position.” Elsewhere, I did my best matches and had my best statistics with OL when we played with Memphis and / or Fekir in an axial position in a diamond pattern. But it’s not just the positioning of a field that counts. There’s also the animation around, the game’s principle, the tactical choices“, Burkinabe explained internationally.

“Give the best of myself”

Bertrand Traoré regrets the criticism and whispers of the supporters, although he sometimes understands them: “The supporters are very demanding at the Olympics as in all the clubs I have been to: Vitesse, Chelsea, Ajax. They want their club to win and are unhappy when it is not. And it makes sense in the end I sometimes whispered, I know, like other players in the team for that matter. That’s life, this is the ups and downs of the trade. You do it and you continue to make your work as good as possible. ”

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“At least you can’t please everyone, although it feels good to hear the encouragement from your audience rather than whistles. I know where I come from and what I want. My goal is always to give the best of myself on a football pitch, to honor the shirt I wear, to please those who come to support us and also those who follow us on TV“added the wing entrance for Olympique Lyonnais.

Bertrand Traore has kicked in touch about his future and a possible departure this summer: “I don’t really like to comment on the transfer rumors. We know that the transfer window is talking and that there are often rumors that come out sometimes just sometimes completely false. We don’t leave a club standing here overnight without thinking unless we want you I am 24 years old, I have two years left on my contract and I am not on the street. What I want is to continue to grow, continue, to play football every weekend and to cross levels in a sports project that suits me and where I am. is an interested party“.