Racial Violence: The United States Faces Its Old Demons

This week, Cap Amériques looks back at racial violence in the United States. The murder of African American George Floyd during his arrest by a white police officer woke up anger across the Atlantic. This event is far from the first.

Our reports:

George Floyd’s anxiety filmed live sparked nationwide protest. Since then, whites and blacks have paraded side by side to demand an end to racial violence. Back to this event in light of the US segregationist past with Nina Masson and Selina Sykes.

The end of police impunity is still one of the biggest demands of protesters, as well as fair and equitable treatment of suspects, regardless of their skin color. In the United States, the fact that African Americans are two and a half times more likely than whites to be killed by police during an interaction. Of the 1,000 deaths recorded last year, a quarter of the victims were black, which is significant when you consider that African Americans make up only 12% of the US population. Our correspondent Valérie Defert followed the Los Angeles police.

Finally, at the political level, the Democratic camp mobilizes Congress with a new police proposal. In the middle of the presidential campaign. Statements from Reed Kennedy, Democrat Foreign Representative in Paris.