Rafael: “Tolisso would be perfect for Manchester United”

The former Red Devil supported the English club’s mission to recruit the 2018 world champion.

Olympique Lyonnais’ Brazilian defender Rafael da Silva believes Bayern Munich midfielder Corentin Tolisso would be a perfect starter for his former Manchester United club. Tolisso, 25, is engaged in Germany until 2022, but is announced when Bayern Munich leave under the next transfer window, struggling to get a proper playing time under Hansi Flick. Old Trafford has become a possible destination for Tolisso, who joined Bavaria in 2017 from Lyon for € 41 million.

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According to information from RMC Sport, Manchester United would be the favorite to welcome the former Olympique Lyonnais player, while Bayern Munich would ask for € 35 million to sell their 25-year-old midfielder. Rafael played with Tolisso in Ligue 1 and held a very good opinion of the Frenchman, noting that he would be a perfect complement to Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s team. “One of the best midfielders I’ve played with. I think it will be perfect for Manchester United. I hope he will go “, Rafael tweeted about reports that Tolisso had initiated talks with the Red Devil.

Tolisso has played 24 games with Bayern this season, scoring three goals and contributing five assists, but has only had a record 15 times. After a good start to his career in Germany and the 2018 World Cup victory with France, Tolisso tore his front crossband at the end of 2018, but recently noted that the failure only made him more determined to do so. his evidence. “I think it made me grow mentally, it hardened me “Tolisso told reporters last September. “It builds a state of mind “.

Rafael in the beginning?

“I knew I had to work hard to get back to the highest level. I have to continue like this and find my true level before my injury. It’s up to me. I have to give myself some time. With Bavaria, I also worked a lot. I made good preparations. It’s up to me to continue like this. “, added the French international. However, Rafael is not at his first advice to his former club, Manchester United, who stressed last April that players who are striving to get to the Red Devils should not be motivated by the financial aspect.

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“It took too long to get back on track. Two years should be enough, but now it’s been seven years. We’ve done things wrong. We’ve started recruiting expensive players and giving them a lot of money. I don’t agree with this“Rafael told ESPN. “It is not because a player has £ 150 million that he is good for the team. It depends on the player’s character. We have made some mistakes but I hope now that we can get back on track.”

For their part, the Brazilian side who competed with Léo Dubois and Kenny Tete may be forced to leave Olympique Lyonnais this summer. Juninho, the sports director, has confirmed that one or two players in this position will probably be sold during the next transfer window, all the more so if there is no European Cup for Gones next season. It remains to be seen if Rafael is ready to stay at the Olympics, despite a limited playing time.