“Black Lives Matter” inscribed on the jerseys for the cover

The Premier League players’ jerseys will have the inscription “Black Lives Matter” during the first 12 restarts of the English league, scheduled for June 17. The slogan against racism replaces the name of each football player.

It is a strong symbol that should not be noticed. Premier League players’ jerseys will sport the anti-racist slogan “Black Lives Matter” on the back, instead of their name, when the English football championship resumes next week, the competition’s governing body announced, Friday, June 12.

The players have expressed “the desire to see their name replaced with ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the back of the shirts for the first 12 games of the resumption of the 2019/20 season,” the Premier League said in a statement.

These are therefore the two late matches scheduled for Wednesday, June 17 (Manchester City-Arsenal and Aston Villa-Sheffield United), since the 10 matches of the 30eday played between Friday 19 and Monday 22.

Knee support on the ground

The English Football League (EFL) has also stated that it “supports players who want to kneel before or during the match”, a gesture in tribute to George Floyd, the African-American father killed by a police officer in late May in Minneapolis, USA.

For all matches remaining this season, a “Black Lives Matter” logo will be affixed to the jerseys, as well as another to thank British Health Services (NHS) for their work to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, the Premier League said again.

The press release also transcribes a message from the players of the 20 teams of the English elite.

Consensus in English football

“We are united in the sole goal of eradicating racist prejudice, wherever they are, of providing a world community of integration, respect and offering equal opportunities for all, regardless of color or belief,” said the players.

The approach is also supported by the English Federation (FA) and the trade unions representing coaches, players and judges.

On Wednesday, during the German Cup semi-final against Bayern Munich, players in Frankfurt also wore a #BlackLivesMatter shirt, the slogan of the fight against racist police violence, which was launched in the United States but has become worldwide in recent years. Weeks. Bayern had worn t-shirts with this inscription for the warm-up.

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