marked acceleration of the pandemic in Africa, WHO warns

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerates its spread in Africa, which currently concentrates only 3% of the global sum of cases of contamination with the new coronavirus, warned Africa Regional Director of the World Health Organization on Thursday.

The rate at which the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has doubled – less than 20 days – shows the acceleration of the spread of the new coronavirus in Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Thursday 11 June.

According to an AFP bill on the basis of official sources, the bar was crossed with 200,000 contaminants of the new coronavirus in Africa on Tuesday.

“It took 98 days to reach the 100,000 mark and only 18 days to cross the 200,000 mark,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO regional director for Africa, during a press review of video at WHO’s headquarters in Geneva.

“Although these cases registered in Africa represent less than 3% of the world total, it is obvious that the pandemic is accelerating” on the continent, she said.

Covid-19 has infected nearly 7.4 million people worldwide and killed at least 416,000 since the outbreak of the epidemic in China in December, according to the AFP bill. According to the same account, Africa counted 210 519 cases at 11 GMT, Thursday, including 5,635 deaths.

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In Africa, “the pandemic remains concentrated in and around the capitals, but we are seeing more and more cases in the provinces,” continued Dr. Moeti, who believes the virus has entered most countries on the continent through the capitals, via international flights.

Over 70% of deaths in Africa were concentrated in five countries

“Ten of the 54 African countries” register 80% of cases, and South Africa alone 25% of them, she also emphasized. Over 70% of deaths are recorded in only five countries: South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt and Sudan.

While it is possible that some asymptomatic or mild cases go under the radar, WHO Africa does not believe that a significant number of serious cases or deaths are not counted in Africa, according to Dr Moeti.

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The relative youth of the African population compared to other continents, and the experience of dealing with other epidemics were cited among the reasons why the death rate in Africa was explained, lower than for other continents.

Early measures in some African countries have kept the balance sheets low, but constant vigilance is still necessary, according to Dr. Moeti.

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“Before we have access to an effective vaccine, I fear that we must live with a steady rise in the region, with outbreaks to deal with in many countries, which is currently the case in South Africa, Algeria, and Cameroon, which require very strong “We really hope we won’t see overwhelming health systems,” she concluded.

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