Police ‘ideal scapegoat’ for ‘extravagant rastrans’

In the press on Friday, the annoyance and cry of the police in France but also in the UK. They are taxed with racism and call themselves the scapegoats for a deeper crisis. In the United States, controversy swells following the announcement of Donald Trump’s return to the Tulsa campaign on June 19. A date and a place that revives the wounds of the past in an America where the president continues to add fuel to the fire.

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The police are accused of violence and racism, angry on the front page of Figaro. In the wake of the George Floyd case in the United States that led to the case of Adama Traoré in France, the police did not digest their minister’s statements. After the demonstrations, Chistophe Castaner called for the systematic shutdown planned for any suspected act or racist remarks. The police saw it as an “unbearable assumption”. In its editorial, the newspaper said “the police are an ideal scapegoat” and deplored the fact that the government “has fallen into the trap of an extravagant global racial trance”.

Tired of a victim police also spread on the free side Subway, Great Britain. Two police officers were ambushed in east London on Wednesday, beaten to the ground by a bunch who filmed the scene and took selfies. Daily reminds that about 85 attacks against police officers take place every day in the country.

Anger expressed against a police officer accused of racism but also against the symbols of slavery in the George Floyd affair in the United States. The Washington Post critically, Friday, June 12, Donald Trump’s strategy against the stream of street fighting. “While much of the country seems to be moving in a different direction,” President Trump defends the Confederate legacy in the nation. He is betting that this will drive his supporters during the election next November when we already consider the method as counterproductive in his own camp.

But in the US press, today’s controversy is the election of the city of Tulsa, June 19, for Donald Trump’s first election since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. A provocation for The New York Times, criticizing “a grotesque election”. If this date is celebrated June 19, 1865, and the proclamation of the slavery’s liberation at the end of the American Civil War, Tulsa was the scene of one of the worst acts of violence against blacks by whites in 1921. wants to “tear the country apart”.