Ravanelli ready to attract Higuain to OM

If appointed as OM’s sports director, Italian Fabrizio Ravanelli will try to recruit Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain.

Fabrizio Ravanelli has not yet been named sports director for the Olympique de Marseille. And it might never be. But the former legend of the club has more in mind and is already thinking about the identity of the players he could bring with him to the Mediterranean beaches if he is ever elected to this position.

Guest of the evening team on the chain Team, the ex-international azzurro said he will try to attract a certain Gonzalo Higuain in Marseille. He knows this complicated task, but he sees several reasons why this marriage could work. “Would he come? I do not know! He could be a major player at the OM for the Champions League. He might leave. He is 32 years old, there may be an opportunity to lend “, he explained.

A media outlet that comes hours after the interview he gave to the Phocaean, and where he clearly phoned the President of Olympia to succeed the Spaniard Andoni Zubizarreta.

“Bring players who can light Velodrome”

It remains to be seen whether Marseille has the financial means to provide such reinforcement. It is far from a security. “Penna Blanca” doesn’t seem to care too much about it yet. Despite the context, he feels “can bring players who can light Velodrome”. “I have many relationships with very important clubs”, he added.

If he arrives at OM, Higuain can be put directly in competition with a compatriot, in this case Dario Benedetto. As a reminder, his father Jorge moved to France in the 1980s. He spent a year in Brest (1987-88), and that was the year when “El Pipita” was born.