Sergio Ramos attracted to MLS?

Sergio Ramos would be open to the possibility of joining the North American Championship in the future.

Although he is very attached to Real Madrid, the experienced Spanish defender does not exclude the possibility of wearing another tunic at the end of his journey. And the championship that attracts him the most is MLS, according to what AS reports daily.

Sergio Ramos would see himself taking the direction of Florida. David Beckham’s opportunities to play at Inter Miami seem to attract him a lot. It would be his very first experience outside of Spain.

Sergio Ramos and David Beckham know each other perfectly. The first arrived at the Bernabeu, when the second completed its European course there. They played together for a year and a half until “Spice Boy” went to … MLS.

Sergio Ramos still has a one-year contract with this Madrid club. Recently, the Iberian press has reported on a one-year extension that can be offered to it by Castilian officials.