the Constitutional Court orders the investment of Évariste Ndayishimiye as soon as possible

New President Évariste Ndayishimiye should be invested “as soon as possible”, on Friday decided the Constitutional Court in Burundi, following the premature death of the outgoing president, PierreNkurunziza.

“Nothing interim is necessary,” the Burundi Constitutional Court said Friday, June 12, following the sudden death of President Pierre Nkurunziza on Monday, June 8. To fill the vacancy with the head of state, she asked that the new president, elected on May 20, 2020, be invested as soon as possible.

“The elected president, Évariste Ndayishimiye, must swear an oath as quickly as possible,” the court said, according to Presidential Communications Officer Willy Nyamitwe.

General Ndayishimiye was initially scheduled to take office on August 20, at the end of Pierre Nkurunziza’s term of office.

In accordance with the Constitution 2018, in the event of a definite vacancy in the Presidency, the interim period shall be filled by the President of the National Assembly, a position currently occupied by Pascal Nyabenda.

However, the Court considered that “the object of the interim procedure is eliminated by the legal fact that there is a newly elected president”.

Pierre Nkurunziza’s unexpected death, with power for 15 years, opened a period of uncertainty for his country, whose history is marked by a long civil war. The regime wanted to speed up General Ndayishimyye’s assumption of entry to avoid turbulence.

“The Generals Chose an Immediate Sorcery”

The Constitutional Court agreed in this case on this point: In fact, the decision was made to give up an interim agreement by the few generals of the former Hutu uprising during the civil war that shared the reality of power with the ousted president.

“The generals eventually chose an immediate repression of the elected president to avoid a long transition period and the tensions that could arise from it” between them, a senior Burundian official who requested anonymity told AFP.

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