the Italian Prime Minister interviewed for his handling of the crisis

In Italy, Giuseppe Conte was heard on Friday by a magistrate on the leadership of his government of the Covid-19 crisis. An investigation was initiated into the delays in the creation of “red zones” in two municipalities in the northern country in March last year.

He was interviewed in one of several investigations related to the spread of Covid-19 in Italy. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was heard Friday, June 12, for almost three hours by a magistrate on the leadership of the government’s government coronavirus crisis.

Bergamo prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota interviewed him in Rome as part of an investigation into the delays in March last year in the creation of “red zones” in two municipalities in the north, while the epidemic exploded.

The charge against Bergamo, a martyr city in the Lombardy region and the epicenter of the epidemic that hit Italy from early February to May and killed more than 34,000 people, is conducting several separate investigations linked to this tragedy.

One of them has reached the headlines in recent days in Italy. It refers to delays in the creation of a “red zone” consisting of two municipalities in this department, Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, particularly affected by Covid-19.

The central government and the leaders of Lombardy reject the responsibility for this delay. This had a dramatic impact on the saturation of the health mass, the increase in mortality and the spread of the new coronavirus in this region.

Rapid spread in early March

The whole question is about who, from the central government or from Lombardy, between 3 and 9 March would have made this decision.

The first “red zones” were set up at the end of February by decision of the Italian government and referred to a dozen municipalities in Lombardy, especially Codogno, the city “patient number one”.

At the beginning of March, the epidemic continued to spread, with two major outbreaks, in the two municipalities Nembro and Alzano, in the department of Bergamo.

According to the daily Corriere della Sera, Giuseppe Conte achoiside turns the whole country into a “red zone” through a decree signed on March 7 and came into force two days later.

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