A display of “Away with the Wind” was interrupted in Paris, “not allowed” for the Minister of Culture

Grand Rexa has announced the cancellation of a screening of the Hollywood classic “Gone with the Wind”. Parisian cinema did not justify its decision that comes after this film was temporarily released on the HBO Max platform because of the “racist prejudice” it contains. For Minister of Culture Franck Riester, this decision is “incomprehensible and impermissible”.

“France will always defend the freedom to create and distribute works. Like equality, it is at the heart of our values.” Culture Minister Franck Riester responded on Twitter June 13 on Grand Rex’s decision to cancel a screening of the movie “Gone with the Wind” scheduled for ten days.

Without explaining, the Parisian cinema on Friday said it was bending at the request of American studio Warner due to a controversy over the film. “Warner Bros. tells us that it wants to cancel the show of” Gone with the Wind “. Thanks for understanding,” said the team at the cinema and exhibition site on Twitter.

On their website Grand Rex states it “all people who have reserved a place” will be “automatically replaced”. The projection of a restored copy of the film was scheduled for June 23, the day after the opening of cinemas in France, in its large hall which seats 2,700 people.

One of the biggest successes in cinema

This decision comes when the “Black Lives Matter” movement, revived after George Floyd’s death in the United States, transforms the world of entertainment and culture up and down.

HBO Max, launched in late May, has decided to temporarily remove Victor Fleming’s multi-oscar film with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh from its catalog because it “depicts racist prejudices that are common in American society”. The brand new platform plans to put the film back online with contextual elements.

“Gone with the Wind,” which tells the story of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler in the context of the American Civil War, is considered one of the greatest successes in film history. Hattie McDanielIl, who plays the role of an official in this film, became the first African American interpreter to receive an Oscar in 1940 by winning it as the best actress in a supporting role.

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Grand Rex’s decision aroused many reactions to social networks, especially moviegoers who do not understand how it is possible to reprogram this work.

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