Brazil, the second most stunned country, a dreaded new wave

Brazil has become the second country in the world most affected by the pandemic, behind the United States. If Latin America is still the new epicenter for the pandemic, in several countries in the world, there is increased pollution at work, which raises fears of the arrival of a second wave.

With 41,828 deaths recorded since the epidemic began, Brazil has surpassed Britain in the number of deaths from the coronavirus. The largest country in Latin America, a giant with 212 million inhabitants, is also the second in the world in terms of the number of registered pollutants. It is followed by the United States, which has 828,810 cases.

“The situation in Brazil is worrying, all states are affected,” said Mike Ryan, director of health care at the World Health Organization (WHO), on Friday.

“The health system is not completely saturated, but in some regions there is strong pressure on the occupation of intensive care beds,” he added.

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Also in Latin America, the new episode of the pandemic, Mexico and Chile recorded their worst daily numbers on Friday. Mexico has a total of more than 15,000 deaths since the epidemic began and Chile 2,870.

And in Honduras, Professor Marco Tulio Medina, of the National University, stressed that the country’s hospital was “on the brink of collapse”.

“Even in my worst nightmares, I never thought I would go through this,” the director of cardiovascular hospital, Nora Maradiaga, said in an interview with local TV channel HCH. Sixty-nine patients with coronavirus who were admitted to his establishment have already died there.

Significant increase in cases in the US and South Africa

After reaching a plateau in the United States, where there are more than 114,000 deaths, several states where activity resumed in April saw an influx of new patients. The possibility of a second contamination wave causes concern.

But “we cannot close the economy again,” warned US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The same scenario in South Africa where the number of new cases jumped more than 10,000 in one day, reaching almost 62,000 on Friday, a week after the containment was released.

A new home in China

The fear of a new contamination wave arises even more since the Chinese authorities on Saturday ordered the closure of eleven districts in Beijing, following the onset of a new coronavirus outbreak.

At the same time, Russia reported 8,706 new infections with the new coronavirus on Saturday, which means a total of 520,129 cases since the epidemic began.

According to the Russian authorities, 114 people died as a result of Covid-19 within 24 hours during a total of 6,829 deaths.

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