Cosmetics for blacks barred in the supermarket, symbol of surrounding racism in the United States

With George Floyd’s death on May 25 and the wave of protests that followed, Americans have once again raised the thorny issue of systemic racism that blacks face daily. To illustrate, a young Denver resident filmed the cosmetic section of a supermarket, where African-American products are placed behind a locked window, while white ones are free. service. According to her, signs of racist prejudice that make every black a criminal potential.On June 8, several photos and videos originally posted on Instagram were taken by local TV in the Denver area of ​​the United States. You can see the cosmetic section of a supermarket in the Walmart chain in the suburb of Montbello.

The author of the films, Lauren Epps, a young African American woman, added to the CBS4 chain:

There is body butter, oils, creams [dans la vitrine fermée à clef]. If I want the brands Suave or Pantene [qui vendent des produits pour cheveux lisses], it’s self-service. The whole section of “multicultural” hair products is behind the glass. It’s so ridiculous.

In this topic produced by the local TV station CBS4, we see several photos and videos taken by Lauren Epps and published in her Instagram stories. They are no longer visible there because the platform only leaves them for 24hours.

In order to purchase these products, customers must ask a seller to open their window for them and then place their product in a rigid plastic box before checking out.
“I didn’t want to be ashamed to pretend to be a criminal because I want to buy a scarf”

When Lauren Epps wanted to buy a scarf for hair, an employee asked her to put it in one of those boxes, which she refused to do, without wanting to be “covered in shame by making me believe I’m a criminal for I want to buy a scarf […] It is really obvious because the sign above the products says “Multicultural Hair Care”. They say that the products of people who have a different culture should be locked up. “After media coverage of this case, Walmart’s communications manager on June 10 said his business would stop” unlocking multicultural products in windows. “

Journalist Tori Mason and client Lauren Epps could see June 11 in the Walmart supermarket in Montbello, where all the showcases in the cosmetics department had finally been dismantled, making self-service products available to black people.
A far from new problem in the US

If this case caused the supermarket chain to change the organization’s departments, it has been the case for several years that customers have complained. ONE complaints have been filed against the 2018 brand and clients and associations has publicly condemned this practice, described by them as an insidious form of racial discrimination that breeds prejudice against minorities. This phenomenon has been caught again by many Internet users on Twitter.

This tweet, published on June 8, retweeted more than 193000times, shows two photos of a beauty department at a Walmart supermarket in Washington with, to the left, the straight hair department and, to the right, the countertop for curly and frizzy hair. For those who published it, it shows that racism “is more than just the police”.

In response, many Internet users said that they noticed the same kind of problems in the store near them.

This young woman has republished his 2018 tweet under Jesùs A. Rodriguez (above). “Eh Maybelline and Walmart, why your hides for dark skin are safe and not for lighter skin? Please explain! “, she then condemned, without getting an answer from cosmetic manufacturers.

This tweet contains an unverified photo that is widely distributed in forums since 2013, we see a package of hair dyes, the only one showing the face of a black man, secured in a transparent plastic box.

This young woman indicates the 1stJune on Twitter had taken this photo a few days earlier in a Walgreens chain pharmacy in Houston. We see that the range of grounds for the dark can is not available in self-service. Customers should “ask for the product”, while lighter shades are just above. The sign announced this Friday 12ju want to stop safe products intended for blacks.