“Giroud, the number one problem for the French team”

A former French international, Jean-Michel Larqué, severely repelled the three-color striker Olivier Giroud.

Despite a most attractive business card and the status of the third best scorer in Blues history, Olivier Giroud still has many opponents in French football. The Chelsea striker saw this with the prominent release of writer Jean-Michel Larqué.

“This is the number one problem for the France team. Not to mention that you are a pro or anti-Giroud, when you get to his age you only have a few games per season, at one time or another, you are on the other side of the mountain “, dared to launch the former ASSE Greens icon on RMC radio, where he works as a consultant.

Giroud continues to take it for its rating

Very harsh and surprising comments from a former international. The height of the paradox is that someone who only weighs two goals with the Habs who dared to laugh at the one who put in 39 and who also won the title of world champion.

Giroud has not been saved from any recent attacks. As a reminder, Karim Benzema, his former Blue competitor, also devalued him a few weeks ago by stating that he was just a “karting” car and comparing himself to a Formula One.