In Chile, the Minister of Health resigns during the Covid-19 crisis

When Chile experiences an increase in Covid-19 cases, Health Minister Jaime Manalich announced that he resigned on Saturday. The death toll for victims of virus transmitted to WHO has therefore been underestimated. More than 5,000 people are said to have died from the disease, about 2,000 more than the government had announced.

The Chilean health minister resigned on Saturday, June 13, following a week of controversy over the increase in cases of new coronavirus and counting, while the Covid-19 epidemic is in full progress despite the inclusion of Santiago residents for a month.

“I thank Jaime Manalich for his commitment,” said President Sebastian Pinera.

On Saturday, the Center for Journalistic Investigation (Ciper) revealed that the Ministry of Health had sent more Covid-19 deaths to the World Health Organization (WHO) than the latest official bulletin.

Chile totaled 167,355 infections and 3,011 deaths on Saturday since the first case occurred on March 3. However, the figures transferred to the WHO show more than 5,000 deaths linked to Covid-19.

Variable inclusions at first

The Secretary of State for Health, Paula Daza, acknowledged these figures and explained that the difference was linked to differences in methodology: the weekly report to the WHO contains confirmed deaths linked to Covid-19 as well as the cases suspected, while the daily government report only takes into account cases that confirmed by a PCR test, from a deep sample in the nose with a swab.

Chile was one of the first countries in Latin America to declare preventive health care on February 7. A few weeks later, he closed his borders, interrupted lessons, declared curfews and implemented a massive screening policy.

But unlike other Latin American countries, the country has chosen modular prisons according to the outbreaks and not for general containment.

But if these selective quarantines have produced good results in prosperous neighborhoods, they have proved much less effective in poor neighborhoods.

A significant increase in contamination

Although support promised by the government has been slow to arrive or is considered insufficient, many residents continue to work until mid-May. The explosion of pollution then forced the authorities to order containment for the capital’s seven million inhabitants in a month.

Chile recorded its worst daily numbers for the epidemic on Friday, with 222 deaths and 6,754 new infections over the past 24 hours.

“The situation in our country continues to worsen, especially in the region” in Santiago, Arturo Zuniga, a health ministry official, said on Friday.

The health crisis reached Chile while the country had been shaken for months by a social uprising. The mobilizations, often violent, sought to condemn economic inequalities and the disconnection of the political elite from the daily reality of many Chileans.

With AFP