New demonstrations against racism in major French cities

The members of the Adama Traore Committee, who died in July 2016, demand a new mobilization on Saturday, in Paris and in the major cities of France, to condemn racism and police violence. Parades to follow live on France 24.

After the police demonstrations to condemn “anti-police hate”, it was the militants’ turn to fight the streets against racism and police violence on Saturday, June 13. Parades in Paris and in all major cities in France are organized by the call of the Adama Traoré Committee, a young black man who died in July 2016 following his arrest of celebrities in the Paris region.

Behind these allegations, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American who was initiated in Minneapolis on May 25 by a white police officer, killed an unprecedented world-wide uprising and revived the French case of Adama Traore.

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“We urge all cities in France to come and demonstrate with us the demand of truth and justice for Adama and all victims of the police or gendarmerie,” said the committee, which managed to mobilize 20,000 people on June 2 before the Paris district, according to police headquarters.

Closed stores

The biggest parade is expected on the capital’s streets from Place de la République to Opera, from 14:30. But other collections are expected in Marseille, departing from the old port, in Lyon, Bellecour, in Montpellier Place de la Comédie, in Nantes place du Bouffay and in Saint-Nazaire, as well as in Strasbourg on Sunday.

In a press release on Friday, Didier Lallement recalled that because of the health condition, it was not allowed to summarize more than 10 people. To avert any flooding during this incident that is not prohibited, he asked “shops, drinking places and restaurants located from Place de la République to the Opera and in some neighboring streets in closing Saturday afternoon.” it it The Parisian could consult, the police expect a mobilization of “10,000 to 20,000 people”.

Politicians have already announced their presence, like Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “What we ask is that the law, order, justice, respect, dignity should be the same for everyone,” the leader of the rebels said. As I call the Republican and anti-racist police to manifest their existence and not let a minority’s words move over the others. “

Same outrage in the show’s world. Comedian Omar Sy was also moved in a forum signed in Obsle June 4, 2020 “by a violent system, which buried the memories of those dead in oblivion, who systematically throw their names in the pit for not” demanding “for change, to question a system that cannot demand justice without ending the organized impunity that has raged for decades. “

“A disease affecting society as a whole”

The executive, in turn, eases tensions. Racism is “a disease affecting society as a whole,” explained Councilman Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, while defending the police “whose overwhelming majority cannot be soiled.” of the techniques of arrest and intervention when we know a context of strong tension “.

In the same perspective, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also tried to put down the controversy during a visit Wednesday at a police station in Évry (Essonne). “We owe them respect and confidence,” as well as “most French people,” but “we also have an obligation to demand them,” he explained.

SibethNdiaye, the spokesman and the government’s only black person, for his party Saturday a platform in Le Monde to “ask the question of representatives of people of color in the public, political, economic and cultural life of our country.” She also proposes to “open the debate in a peaceful way the debate on ethnic statistics.”

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