Sibeth Ndiaye proposes reopening the debate on ethnic statistics “in a peaceful way”

Government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye suggests that “the debate on ethnic statistics be resumed in a peaceful and constructive way” and “return vigorously to the tools to combat racial discrimination”, in a column published by Le Monde on Saturday.

While new demonstrations against police violence and racism are being organized, Sibeth Ndiaye questions Saturday 13 June in a column published by Le Monde : “Why not quietly and constructively pose the debate on ethnic statistics?”

Unlike the Anglo-Saxon countries, France has banned targeted policies, quotas or ethnic statistics to treat all citizens on equal terms.

“We have made universalism the basis of our laws, but by not being able to measure and look at reality as it is, we allow fantasies to flourish,” writes the government spokesman, himself free – Senegalese, who says she had “experienced ordinary racism” .

“There is something that we must quickly get to, because we must not give up our universalist and republican project, under penalty of giving cause to those who divert its meaning and shamelessly exploit its weaknesses,” urges this former socialist activist close Head of State.

“Debate in public yesterday yesterday topics still discussed”

Sibeth Ndiaye believes that we must “rest the issue of color representatives in the public, political, economic and cultural life of our country.” According to her, we must come back vigorously to the tools to fight against racial discrimination without confusing it with the means to combat social discrimination. “

“The problem of racism in France is not solved. But we can do it back at the expense of an unremitting, economic and social, democratic and republican struggle, which must once again become France’s honor,” the door calls – the government’s words. “Let’s dare to discuss publicly some topics yesterday that are still being debated, today becoming taboo without sinking into the usual intent goals”.

Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls had started the issue of ethnic statistics in 2015, but François Hollande had been much more reluctant.

Instead, during his presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron said “pragmatically favorable for multiplying testing, punitive response and” name and shame “(editor’s note and editor’s note)” for companies that practice discrimination hiring.

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