Tottenham – Lloris: “We finished last season on the kneecaps”

The Spurs captain admits his team has struggled since the lost Champions League final against Liverpool (0-2).

Hugo Lloris believes that last season’s defeat in the Champions League and the lack of stability explains Tottenham’s difficulties this season. Just over a year ago, Spurs were runners-up in the first of European competitions but lost 2-0 to Liverpool in Madrid.

Since then a lot has happened. Mauricio Pochettino was fired in November, the Spurs were up to 14th in the Premier League and Jose Mourinho was called in to turn things around.

The results have been mixed: Tottenham have been eliminated from all competitions and will have to fight to get to the top four when the Premier League resumes after the break due to coronavirus next week.

When asked why the Spurs fall, Hugo Lloris said: “Wow, that’s hard to explain. Last season we had an incredible line up in the Champions League and we ended the season on patella. You don’t have time to recover from a season before” starting a new one. “

The Spurs season has been characterized by injury problems. Lloris himself missed three months with a displaced elbow, while star striker Harry Kane and the talented Son Heung-min would have missed the rest of 2019-20 if the global health crisis had not allowed further recovery time.

“There was an accumulation of things that caused the situation, and then of course a lot of injured playerssaid Lloris. Change of coach. It’s hard to stay steady and always look up. Sometimes there are seasons when everything goes against you. “

The Spurs are seven points from the Champions League nine games from the end. They start the recovery with a crucial home game against Manchester United, fifth. Lloris is pleased with the opportunity for a fresh start and the idea of ​​finding Harry Kane to boost his losing European ambitions.

“It’s like a new season is going to start. It’s true that we haven’t been at our best, but it’s a fairytale story. The team will be different than it was a few months ago. We’re basically all in shape, there is a big difference.

“He [Kane] is ready. In his mind he is ready and this is the most important thing. He recovered very well from his serious injury and is really looking forward to returning to the competition.

“Everyone knows his goals, his ambition and his desire to win. We all need the repetition of the matches to reach our best level, but that will be the case even for the opponents we will face. Harry is in good position and just waiting for the season to start again, as we all do. “