Almost back to normal in France, Emmanuel Macron demands “reinvent”

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron announced new measures aimed at further sensing the country. Among them: the opening of schools and in Île-de-France, the restaurants and cafes. The President also insisted on the future of France, which was weakened by the Covid-19 crisis.

On Sunday, June 14, Emmanuel Macron announced an almost return to normal in France after three months of coronavirus euphoria. He also drew a “new path” for the future, around ecology, economic sovereignty, the unity of the republic and deconcentration.

In a long-awaited speech for more than a quarter, the head of state also defended his handling of the crisis and ignored the many critics. “We can be proud of what has been done and our country,” he said, promising to “quickly and strongly” correct the “weaknesses” to which the epidemic has been exposed.

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“We need not be ashamed” of the results of these three months, the president insisted: “Tens of thousands of lives have been saved through our elections, through our actions.

He was also pleased with the economic aspect of the response to the crisis, and the “500 billion” mobilized: “In how many countries has all this been done? This is a chance and it shows the strength of our state and our social model.”

Opening of nurseries, schools, colleges, cafes and restaurants

While health indicators are very encouraging, Emmanuel Macron said first to “turn the page at the first act of the crisis” and respond to increasingly urgent calls to speed up the pace.

As hoped for by an emergency sector, cafes and restaurants in Île-de-France will be able to open normally again on Monday, while nurseries, schools and colleges will be fully operational from June 22 and will encourage the recovery of economic activity.

The whole of France is thus green and the only vigilance points remain in Mayotte and Guyana, where the virus circulation is still active.

Visits to nursing homes will also be unlimited. Finally, the second round of municipal elections will be held as planned on June 28.

Emmanuel Macron has also focused heavily on the post-health crisis, while the economic and social clouds are rising. “Times demand to draw a new way” during the last two years of the women’s quarter, emphasized the head of the Élysée.

“Each of us has to reinvent ourselves,” he said. A mantra that he “applies first and foremost” to himself.

Sketch of a recovery plan

The president declined three shoulders, which he will state in July, after reaping the rewards of the various consultations that began several weeks ago. This second phase, which observers believe could be accompanied by a government transformation, will also be an opportunity to “start the first measures” in concrete terms, says the head of state.

The first priority set is “the reconstruction of a strong, ecological, sovereign and united economy”, explained Emmanuel Macron.

If he excludes any tax increase in a country among those where “taxation is the heaviest”, he urged “to work and produce more so as not to depend on others”. The emphasis is also on ecology, especially on thermal renovation of buildings and on “support for the green industry”.

This recovery plan, which will include measures specifically for “youth”, will be prepared during the summer.

In particular, it will take into account the recommendations of the Citizen’s Climate Convention which ends its work in a week, but also the Ségur de la Santé, which has to clean out the hospital and improve working conditions for caregivers.

Fight racism and anti-Semitism

EmakenMacron also preached a new front, from demonstrations against racism and police violence, after George Floyd’s death in the US and the reminder of Adama Traoré 2016. Republic. “

“Uniting around Republican patriotism is a necessity,” the head of state in particular appealed, ensuring it would be “unmatched before racism and anti-Semitism.”

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“New strong decisions for equal opportunities will be made,” insisted the man who made this theme a promising axis in his 2017 program.

But he also warned of “communism and separatism”. “The Republic will not erase any track or name from its history,” nor will any state statue, he warned.

Towards more decentralization

Emmanuel Macron sent on a delicate weapon line to police dissatisfaction and also sent a message of satisfaction by recalling that “without a Republican order, there is neither security nor freedom”.

Finally, the president renewed his promise of a new decentralization act, in sprouts before the epidemic.

“The organization of the state and our actions must change dramatically. Not everything can be decided all the time from Paris,” he said, saying he wanted to “open a new site that gives freedom and responsibility.” unpublished for those who act closest to our lives. “

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