Arsenal, Gilberto Silva predicts a great future for Martinelli

The former member of “Invincibles” believes that his compatriot Gabriel Martinelli has everything to become a legend at Arsenal.

Arsenal legend Gilberto Silva is very pleased to see the progress of Gabriel Martinelli in his former club.

The 18-year-old has already passed the double-digit number this season in terms of goals and has established himself as a very valuable article since his arrival from Ituano last summer. And Gilberto is pleased to see his Brazilian compatriot thrive with the Gunners, the club where he won the 2003-04 Premier League title as a member of the famous “Invincibles” team.

“I am delighted that Arsenal have Brazilian players. I think it’s great after some of the Brazilian players who followed us didn’t quite reach the heights, but now Martinelli and David [Luiz] is at the club “, he said on the club’s official website during a conversation with technical manager Edu. “David left a rival club [Chelsea] and joined Arsenal, a club that doesn’t need introduction. And so we have Martinelli, a promising young man not only for Arsenal, but who we talk about in Brazilian football and he made a very good start. He is good and has shown courage. He wore the Arsenal jersey as if he was still playing with his friends in his old club. I am happy that Arsenal managed to recruit him and he is well placed in the footsteps of all the Brazilian players Arsenal has had. “

Edu also praised the young striker. “He has a great future ahead of him”, he explained. “He’s a Brazilian with very interesting perspectives because it’s not easy to start as he did. And we know something, not Gigi? How he started to mark is not easy at all, is it?”