Dozens of dead in jihadist attacks in Nigeria

In a Nigerian village, at least 38 people were killed Saturday, June 13, in an attack by jihadists who are members of the Islamic State group. On the same day, fifteen people were killed by combatants from the same group in another village about sixty kilometers away.

Jihadists linked to the Islamic State group killed at least 38 people on Saturday during the attack on an isolated village in northeastern Nigeria, residents told AFP on Sunday (June 14).

This village, Goni Usmanti, located about sixty kilometers from the Monguno garrison site, also attacked a little later on Saturday and where fifteen people were killed, according to a new report sent to AFP on Sunday by a local militia and a resident.

In Goni Usmanti on Saturday, fighters from the Islamic State group in West Africa (Iswap) were confronted by pick-up card members of a local self-defense militia supported by the government, before shooting down the refugee villagers.

“The rebellions killed 38 people, including six militants, who had fought before being defeated,” local militia leader Babakura Kolo told AFP.

A truck full of burnt down residents

One resident of the village, Grema Nuwaisu, made the same assessment, adding that the jihadists had opened fire on a truck full of dealers and then set it on fire with their residents still inside.

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“We don’t know how many people were in the truck,” he said, “it was completely charred, which made it difficult to identify the bodies. Only two passengers could jump and escape.”

The attackers are suspected to be the ones who attacked the Monguno locality a few hours later, where the death toll was increased following the discovery of new bodies.

In Monguno, “the number of people killed is now 15, including nine soldiers, one militiaman and five civilians,” said Bukar Ari, a member of the local self-defense militia.

UN “dismayed”

Monguno, which houses a military base and tens of thousands displaced by ten years of Islamist violence, has been attacked several times by Iswap, a faction that was split in 2016 from the Boko Haram group and has pledged loyalty to the Islamic State organization.

The UN said it was “horrified” by the two attacks in which “many civilians were killed, including a 4-year-old girl” and at least 37 injured.

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The UN says a center that houses 50 aid workers in Monguno suffered little damage but appeared to have been “directly targeted”. “An explosive device that was not fired was found at the door” to the center, according to the UN.

UN vehicles and buildings outside the center were set on fire, the statement said.

Jihadists killed by Nigerian forces

“I am relieved that all personnel are safe and sound, but I am shocked by the intensity of this attack,” said Edward Kallon, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria.

The Nigerian military said on Sunday it had killed 20 jihadists by “successfully rejecting” the attack on Mongumo, without reporting victims in its lines or mentioning the attack on Goni Usmanti.

The decades-long Islamist uprising in northeastern Nigeria has killed at least 36,000 people and driven two million people from their homes.

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