No retirement planned for Lisandro Lopez

Former Lyon striker Lisandro Lopez is about to sign a new contract with his Racing Club formation.

Although 37, Lisandro Lopez is not yet ready to quit his football career. According to the daily Olé, “Licha” remains active at least until June 2021.

The former star in Porto and Lyon had originally planned to extend his contract until the end of the year, but the interruption in activities caused by the corona virus convinced him to continue playing for six months before assessing its future.

Despite his advanced age, Lisandro Lopez remains very competitive. In 2019 he finished as the best director for the opening tournament in the Argentine Championship with a total of 17 goals. It has a lot to do with the title of champion acquired by this team last fall.

As a reminder, Lisandro Lopez stayed for four years at Gones. He played 168 games and scored 82 goals in all competitions.