Spain will reopen the borders of the EU countries from June 21

In Spain, border controls with all EU Member States (except Portugal) will be lifted from June 21, ten days earlier than planned. Secondly, travelers from outside the EU will be allowed to go to Spain from 1 July.

Spain will, until 21 June, restore free movement with all EU countries, except at the border with Portugal where checks will end on 1your July, announced Sunday, June 14, the head of government Pedro Sánchez.

The Spanish Government, which had so far given the date 1your July decided to abolish “border controls with all member states (within the EU) on June 21,” Pedro Sánchez said in a TV address.

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This date corresponds to the suspension of attention in Spain, which made it possible to introduce in mid-March one of the most stringent confinements in the world, and to the end of the cautious end ended in mid-May.

After discussions with Portugal, however, the decision was made to “maintain checks at the border with Portugal until June 30,” Pedro Sánchez added.

Quarantine lift

As a result of this reopening of borders, the quarantine introduced since May 15 for travelers arriving in Spain will end on June 21, says Pedro Sánchez.

The Spanish government’s announcement comes when Brussels on Thursday called “all member states to lift all internal border restrictions on Monday” on June 15.

The question of the re-opening of the Spanish borders gave rise to a cacophony within the Spanish government in early June, when the Minister of Tourism had announced that the checks at the country borders would end on June 22 with France and Portugal before the CEO confirms date 1 againyour July.

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Portugal, a country much less affected by the pandemic, had expressed its surprise at this one-sided announcement.

Even before the borders are reopened for European tourists, almost 11,000 Germans will be able to leave from Monday in the Balearic Archipelago as part of a pilot program to restart tourism.

A second step from 1your July

Spain, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic with more than 27,000 deaths, is the second world tourist destination and the sector weighs 12% of GDP there.

Like the other EU countries, Spain will then start from 1your July to open its borders to travelers from non-European countries where the epidemic situation “is similar or more favorable” than in the EU, Pedro Sánchez said.

While the epidemic is under control in the country, the Spanish authorities fear that the reopening of borders could lead to new sources of infection. It is “a critical moment, but we are prepared for it,” especially when it comes to discovering new cases, says Pedro Sánchez.

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