the epidemic is recovering in China, Europe is opening its borders again

China recorded a recovery in new cases of coronavirus on Sunday, raising concerns about the pandemic revival in the country where it began last year. At the same time, several European countries are preparing to reopen their borders after noticing a decline in the disease.

Covid-19 contamination is increasing again in China. After several new cases announced on Saturday, the authorities registered Sunday, June 14, 57 new confirmed cases within 24 hours, including 36 in Beijing, the highest daily figure since April.

This is worrying news for the rest of the world fearing a second wave of the epidemic, which continues to rage in Latin America.

Thanks to strict controls, the carrying of a mask and containment operation, the epidemic was under control in China, where the new corona virus appeared in Wuhan last year.

But a new source of pollution has been discovered in southern Beijing on the wholesale market Xinfadi, which sells meat, fish and vegetables, among other things. A discovery that resulted in the capture of 11 residential areas nearby.

“People are scared,” said a fruit and vegetable vendor at AFP in another market in the city. “Butchers had to shut down. This disease is really scary.”

Return to freedom of movement in EU countries

This renewed concern in China comes in Europe, where the disease is in sharp decline, Germany, Belgium, France and Greece restoring free movement on Monday morning with all EU countries. Austria will do the same Monday at midnight.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron delivers a solemn address on Sunday night, while talks to speed up the closing process have multiplied in recent days in the country. The corona virus killed 29,398 people there, but the number of patients continues to decline.

But in Italy, which has opened its borders since June 3, two new coronavirus outbreaks have been discovered in recent days in Rome, one in a hospital, the other in a square building.

Just like in Iran, whose president Hassan Rohani blamed his citizens on Saturday for the poor respect for health instructions intended to deal with the new coronavirus.

In total, Covid-19 has killed more than 427,000 people and infected more than 7.7 million people on the planet, according to a report compiled by AFP from official sources.

With AFP