the government recognizes Ahmed Madobe as president of Jubaland

In Somalia, the government has recognized Ahmed Madobe as president of the Jubaland semi-autonomous region. This was the scene of fierce fighting between government troops and Jubaland for several months.

On Saturday (June 13), the Somali government acknowledged Ahmed Madobe, the disputed leader of the semi-autonomous region of Jubaland, located in southern Somalia, so far after months of tensions and violence.

“By recognizing the need for an administration that is mutually recognized by all local populations and for ending the long conflicts” between Somalia and the semi-autonomous region, the government acknowledges Ahmed Madobe as president of Jubaland, the Somali Presidency’s statement indicates.

Jubaland President Ahmed Madobe, an ally of Kenya, was re-elected in August 2019 after a disputed election, the outcome of which Mogadishu refused to admit.

This former warlord drove in 2012 with the help of Kenyan troops Shebab jihadists, affiliated with Al Qaeda, from their stronghold in Kismayo, the regional capital.

Violence near the Kenya border

The crisis in Jubaland has raised strong tensions between Kenya and Somalia, which accuses its large neighbor in the south of interfering in its internal affairs, especially by supporting Ahmed Madobe.

Tensions escalated in March as heavy fighting dropped Somali troops against Jubaland troops near the Kenyan border, with Nairobi accusing the Somali army of violating its territorial integrity.

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Rival factions in Jubaland had signed a peace agreement welcomed by the UN.

“This agreement represents an important step forward in resolving the divisions born of the August 2019 electoral process,” the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (Manusom) said in a statement signed by quinzepays.

An election issue

In its statement on Saturday, the Somali Presidency also calls on the heads of state in the region to come and discuss in the Mogadishu elections scheduled for Somalia before February 2021.

The Somali government is being criticized by observers for its tendency to seek a fight with the federal regions to gain control over them in the upcoming elections.

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