Thirty migrants rescued outside Lesbos, arrivals to the island resume

Thirty-six migrants from Turkey were rescued on Saturday by the Greek Coast Guard. The group, which mainly consists of women and children, has been transferred to a camp on the island of Lesbos, which has increased the arrival of the migrant in recent weeks.

For several weeks, the arrival of migrants to the island of Lesbos has been resumed. Thirty-six migrants from Turkey were discovered from Lesbos and transferred overnight to Saturday 13 June to Sunday 14 June to a temporary settlement on the northern part of this island, we learned from the Greek Coast Guard.

Among the group, “a person must be admitted to hospital,” an official at the Coast Guard’s press service told AFP on Sunday without providing further information.

An imposed quarantine

The rest of the group was safely transferred to a migrant facility and quarantined for seven days under current measures to fight Covid-19, the source said.

According to the Greek News Agency (Ana), the migrant group consists of ten women, ten children and sixteen men, all from Iran and Afghanistan.

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The migrant’s boat was discovered on Saturday morning and the rescue and transfer operation took place on Saturday midnight, according to the Coast Guard.

Migrant defense non-governmental organizations, Aegean Boat Report and Watch the Med, condemned on social media that Greek and Turkish coastguards left the boat in distress offshore “for 14 hours” on Saturday and returned as they usually do in this migration passage.

Finally, because the boat was in Greek water, the Greek coastguards had to rescue the migrants on Saturday evening.

This narrow sea region between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea is a regular passage of migrants trying to reach Europe by fleeing from war and poverty.

The UN requires investigation

Following numerous reports from NGOs and media published in recent months and accused Greece of pushing migrants back to Turkey, the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), International Organization for Migration (IOM) and European Union (EU) has called for Athens on Friday to “quickly open an investigation” into the matter and “take the necessary action”.

It is the third boat to arrive in Lesbos since the beginning of June. In total, 108 migrants from the island were rescued over the past two weeks, according to Ana, which shows a recovery in the number of migrants following a marked decline in previous months due to restrictions in Covid-19.

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