Tour boy impatient to see supporters at stadiums

LFP President Nathalie Boy De La Tour hopes for a quick return of supporters to French stadiums.

Football in France is still on hold, unlike in neighboring countries. This does not prevent the governing bodies from expecting to return to normalcy as early as next August, with the public’s presence, if possible, in sports arenas.

In an interview with Canal +, Nathalie Boy De La Tour said this is what the league is working on. “We’re off to a good start in the League Cup final, said the president of the LFP. And what we hope for and what we’re working on is playing it with the public. “

“In camera matches is not football”

The camera is increasing matches abroad and Boy De La Tour is not a big fan of it : “A final and matches without an audience. Honestly, it is not football. We need the feeling expressed by the supporters. Without it, football loses its soul.”

The next Ligue 1 practice should resume August 22. LFP crosses its fingers so that it takes place in tight envelopes and with optimum sanitary conditions: “We also hope that the public is present for the resumption of the championship. And that this 5000 meter set has been exceeded. We work with it, anyway. “

Words from the President of the LFP come at a time when the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced a complete lifting of the restrictions on confinement, but while confirming that the meeting will remain “Framed”. “We must continue to avoid collections as much as possible because we know that they are the most important means of spreading the virus. They will therefore remain highly monitored ”, he said in a TV address on Sunday.