Africa after coronavirus: the uncompromising vision of economist Felwine Sarr

According to economist and author Felwine Sarr, the krona virus crisis is the historical opportunity for Africans to no longer allow themselves to be crossed by history without being historical subjects. He explains to us why the disaster announced by many international bodies on the continent did not take place. For him, negative representations of Africa are so entrenched that part of the world no longer takes the trouble to look at reality and facts. The author of “Afrotopia” also requires a rethinking of relations between the continent and the rest of the world.

Also in the headline of this newspaper: in Cameroon, Eboskogen is considered to be the most important intact ecosystem in the Gulf of Guinea. In particular, it protects endangered species, such as elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees. But a massive deforestation project threatens this jewel of biodiversity. The government can turn 150,000 hectares into forest concessions. Environmental organizations do everything to preserve it.

Finally, with health measures and inclusions across the continent, more and more people have used e-commerce. Especially in the household meal sector, for example in Ethiopia, with “Deliver Addis”. In difficulties before the crisis, this startup saw its orders increase massively. It also allowed restaurants not to close their doors.