at least 24 soldiers killed in jihadist attack

An attack accused of jihadists made at least 24 victims among Malian soldiers in the center of the country, military officials announced Monday.

At least 24 Malian soldiers were killed on Sunday in a jihadist ambush in central Mali, the episode of the country’s violence, the military said on Monday (June 15).

The result of this operation, which was carried out in the town of Bouka Weré, southeast of Diabaly, a hundred kilometers from the Mauritanian border, may be even heavier.

In his brief communication on social networks, 24 hours after the events, the army made no mention of the disappeared and contented himself with mentioning eight survivors.

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However, military officials had stated before the AFP that of the 64 soldiers in the convoy with a dozen vehicles attacked on Sunday, only twenty answered, the others either dead or missing.

It is the latest attack by the jihadists against the armed forces in Mali, but also against the neighboring countries. They have caused the deaths of hundreds of soldiers in recent months.

US involvement in the Sahel on hold

It comes at a delicate moment when international actors deviate from the path of progress or deterioration observed in Mali, where the issue of retaining the UN mission (Minusma) lies on the table and the persecution of whether US involvement in the Sahel remains unsolved.

Mali has been plagued since 2012 by a deep and multifaceted crisis, which has left thousands of civilians and fighting dead and hundreds of thousands displaced, despite the international community’s support for the Malian state and the intervention of the UN, African and French forces.

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If a peace treaty was signed in 2015 with the former separatist insurgents in the north, the country remains a prey to the violence from jihadist groups linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State organization, to tensions between the communities, fomed or found by the same jihadists and traffickers of all kinds.

The violence that began in northern Mali in 2012 spread to the center of the country, as did neighboring Niger and Burkina Faso.

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