Beijing quarantine ten infection centers

Ten new residential areas in Beijing have quarantined, the mayor said on Monday, while the Chinese capital has counted 36 new cases of coronavirus over the past 24 hours.

China goes back to war against Covid-19. “The barriers and temperature measurements are popping up again in Beijing,” testified Charles24 Pellegrin, a French24 correspondent from Beijing. “It hadn’t happened in two months.”

In total, ten new residential areas in Beijing have been put on the clock, announced on Monday, June 15, the City Hall. The capital’s sports and cultural sites have also been closed. Over the past 24 hours, 36 new cases of coronavirus have been counted in the metropolis with more than 20 million inhabitants, which so far has not been affected by the epidemic.

Re-inflation of Covid-19 cases in China © France 24

Restricted neighborhoods, closure of cultural and sports facilities … recovery of the Covid-19 case in China

A capital market in the sights?

The city has discovered new cases of pollution in a wholesale market in the northwest of the capital, in the Haitian district, after closing a giant market for fresh produce in the southern metropolis last week in the Fengtai district. Eleven residential areas had been quarantined in this area.

After practically taking the mood of the epidemic since March, China, where Covid-19 appeared at the end of 2019, saw a revival in the number of pollution during the weekend, centered around the giant Xinfadi market, in the south of the capital. The market was closed except for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Massive screening

The authorities have initiated a massive screening of market employees and visitors as well as residents in the sector, of which more than 10,000 have already been tested.

Since Friday, Beijing has had 75 new cases of pollution. Several cities in the country now advise their residents to avoid the capital.

Three cases were also announced on Monday in neighboring Hebei Province. Ten other cases have been reported in people from foreign countries.

Nationally, 18 cases without symptoms were also counted. The government does not include these cases in its overall statistics.

In total, China has counted since the epidemic began more than 83,000 cases of contamination, including 4,634 fatalities.

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