Donald Trump wants to halve the US military presence in Germany

The US president confirmed to the press on Monday that the number of US soldiers in Germany has decreased. And to emphasize that Berlin had “arrears” in its contributions to NATO and dealt with “poorly” the US in commercial matters.

Concerns born a week ago, after the revelation of the Wall Street Journal, were well founded. Donald Trump announced on Monday, June 15, that the United States will reduce the number of soldiers stationed in Germany to 25,000, from about 34,500 currently.

Speaking to the press, the president complained that Germany’s military spending was not at the level required by its membership in NATO.

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As long as Germany does not increase its military budget, the United States will withdraw its troops across the Rhine, he said.

Currently, approximately 34,500 soldiers live with their families at one of the 21 US military bases in Germany. The workforce can reach 52,000 people during team rotations or during maneuvers.

Reducing the number represents a significant reduction in US involvement in NATO’s European defense.

With AFP and Reuters