French President’s TV intervention: “Macron congratulates Macron”

On the front of the press, Monday, June 15, 2020, reactions to the TV intervention last night by French President Emmanuel Macron. And a picture that has been around the world since Saturday …

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Priority shown yesterday by Emmanuel Macron: rebuilding the economy – an “accelerated” recovery, according to Les Echos, who sees the president under pressure “from his majority, who expects clear lines during the last two years of his quorum, contradictions, which after pointing out the shortcomings in dealing with the epidemic, remains very critical, and of opinion – because if the anxiety of the epidemic diminishes, French confidence did not return. “

Emmanuel Macron’s self-confidence, on the other hand, would be intact according to Liberation. “Macron congratulates Macron”: the newspaper criticizes the self-satisfaction shown to him by the head of state, who wanted to greet the crisis’s handling of his government, before indirectly mentioning the demonstrations against racism and police violence. In this matter, Libé estimates that the president, “without denying problems with racism, holds all the word and fathers speech and avoids all concessions to the protesters” – a setting where the newspaper sees a “political calculation surely in a troubled country where the right regains its colors” Far, in this area, from the original “simultaneously”.

“Macron limited in his collateral”: the same story on L’Humanité’s side, which laments that the head of state has “little or no self-criticism against crisis management”, or “Empathy for youth”. “As the protest movement against police violence and racism intensifies, the CEO no longer hides his fears of seeing a lasting wind of rebellion rise among the youth,” the newspaper accuses him, saying “In his way, Emmanuel Macron understood that the divorce was complete” and that he “on somehow assumed it “.

Forgotten youth? This is not L’Opinion’s sentiment, which notes that the president “promised him education and employment efforts” and is quite worried about what “debt mistigri” might be. “Passed from generation to generation”, especially because of the next announced social reforms, for example, dependent on dependency – reforms “presented as consensus, (but which) cannot be reduced to a stack of credit spending, which increases the burden” of successive generations, according to the magazine. “The President, formerly Jupiterian, finally understood that he had to play collectively, rely on local elected officials, middle powers, entrepreneurs,” finally welcomes Le Figaro, asking Emmanuel Macron to “stand firm against all” separatists “who instrumentalize the anti-racist cause and “In the whirlwind of the upcoming economic disaster, the country cannot have the luxury of leaving the field open to enemies of Republican unity,” the magazine writes.

Before I tell you tomorrow, I suggest you throw an eyelash at the British version of the free subway, which has opted for its A-image that has been around the world since Saturday – a photo signed Dylan Martinez, from the Reuters agency. It shows a Black Lives Matter man helping a right-to-right protester carry him on his back to fetch him from clashes during the London demonstration against racism and police violence.