Lewandowski does not think of the Golden Ball

Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski said he was not at all obsessed with capturing the Golden Ball.

Unlike Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Bayern Munich goleador Robert Lewandowski has never won the Ballon d’Or. He didn’t even stop on the podium for this award. But his stats, and especially this season, have nothing to envy for the other two stars. What should be the end of the prestigious award at the end of the year?

Poland was asked about the Golden Ball in an interview with France Football. He insures not to fix it. “I was there last December at the trophy ceremony. Let’s see. What I’m trying to do is always show the best of myself, win titles and score more goals, he explained. But there is something that comes with collective trophies. It is the most important. Golden ball, I don’t think about it. Although in my life I believe that everything is possible. “

Lewandowski therefore focuses more on success. And he hopes to stay as long as possible. “I’m not yet in the best period of my career, he said. Soon (…) I am convinced that the best moment of my career is coming soon. I know this is not my last contract. I want to play longer and keep fit. I always have to think about the future in front of me, but I feel really good. I will be celebrating my 32nd birthday next August, but that doesn’t mean I know this age. For me, it doesn’t matter when it comes to everything I do, my involvement in and outside of football. What I want is not just to be at the top for the next two or three years, I’m looking at the longer term. “

“Goals are what bring me the most happiness”

When it comes to his goals, the former Borussia Dortmund striker prefers to be crowned with the formations where he develops rather than individually. He is particularly keen to shine with the choice of his country. “When you play in a club like Bavaria, the ambitions are always the same: try to win everything the club can win. With Poland, we want to show people that we fight, that we do our best and that we make them happy. It will be a pride. Fans from Poland, like all over the world, want to see this. Personally, that would be a great satisfaction. ” he said.

Finally, whoever is about to end the Golden Boot this season, with already 30 counters on his counter, has assured that he will always be attracted by the goal. He lives just for it: “No matter when and where I played, whether goal scorer, point guard, edge or side, I always wanted to score. One year, I remember doing half of my team’s goals. We had to be about 100, I had to set 50 The goals and the feeling that it creates is what gives me the most happiness in a field.