OM requests Russian international

Olympique de Marseille would target Zenit St-Petersburg midfielder Daler Kuzyayev.

Daler Kuzyayev, a 27-year-old versatile Russian midfielder, has reportedly been tracked by Olympique de Marseille according to what L’Equipe reveals. He shines under the tunic of Zenit and also with the choice of his country, as he has 21 international capsules (1 goal).

André Villas-Boas is said to have given Kuzyayev the name of his boss. He appreciates the profile of this element and his ability to occupy multiple positions in the midfield. The Portuguese follows the Zenit team closely, as he was the coach between 2014 and 2016.

Kuzyayev will have the advantage of being free at the end of the current season. He also has experience in the continental scene, as he has 24 match accounts between C1 and C3. But Marseille is not the only club to track it. This is also the case for Hoffenheim and Valence.

Russian players who have gone through OM in the past have not really made an impression. Igor Dobrovolski disappointed in his only season in Marseille, while Dmitri Sychev, despite an obvious talent, encountered tough competition and could not seduce Alain Perrin.