caregiver back on the street after Covid-19

After three months of health crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic, doctors, nurses and nurses will hit the sidewalk again all over France on Tuesday, to remind the government of its promises about the hospital, in its entirety “Health”.

“No more applause, make way for the rally.” Doctors, nursing assistants and nurses will return to the streets everywhere in France, Tuesday, June 16, to put pressure on the executive and recall the promises made during the three-month health crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic. This while the government is in its entirety “Ségur de la santé”, intended to rebuild the French health system.

From Paris to Montpellier via Metz, Dunkirk and Bobigny, more than 220 rallies are planned as part of this national day of action, organized at the request of a dozen unions and healthcare providers (CGT, FO, Unsa, Sud, collective hospitals …).

The goal is to take advantage of the support granted by the population during the health crisis in order to make progress for employees in hospitals and nursing homes. They were hailed as “heroes in white coats” by the head of state at the beginning of the epidemic.

“Chocolate medals and promises are not enough”

“The government’s soothing speech, the chocolate medals and promises of random and hypothetical bonuses are not enough. Now we need real human and budgetary resources for public health”, warned CGT in a press release.

In Paris, a demonstration is planned at. 13 in front of the Minister of Health in the presence of several union leaders, including Philippe Martinez (CGT) and Yves Veyrier (FO). The rally will be followed by a procession against the National Assembly and Invalides.

Elsewhere, most other demonstrations will take place in front of hospitals and medical-social facilities, where the CFDT has also submitted a strike message. Home helpers and pensioners have also planned to join the movement.

The caregivers, in the front line against Covid-19, demand a “recruitment plan” and a “general re-evaluation of wages”, in the range of 300 to 400 euros according to the unions. They want “the end of all closures of facilities, services and beds”.

“After 14 months of mobilization and a health crisis, it is not conceivable to return to the” abnormal “. For users, it is no longer time to applaud the caregivers without supporting our demands,” insists Collectif Inter-Hospital, a tip of a movement started for a year ago.

“Concrete answers now”

This mobilization day, the culmination of a series of actions carried out in recent weeks in the hospital, in connection with special “Tuesdays of anger”, comes in the middle of “Ségur de la santé”, which was launched on May 25 by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe.

This consultation, led by Nicole Notat and aimed at reviewing the French health system, should lead to concrete proposals in early July. But no figures have been put on the table at this stage, especially for wage increases.

A source of trouble for unions. “The unions cannot work in constant improvisation and in the absence of allocated resources,” lamented a dozen medical organizations, including the Federation of Doctors of France (FMF), and condemned a “claim”.

“The Ségur de la santé methodology is problematic,” added the Inter-Hospital Collective, regretting “the lack of transparency in the work.” “Concrete answers must be given now,” he insisted.

In this context, a trade union, Sud Santé, has decided to close the door for discussions, condemns an “enormous communication operation”. This gesture has not been emulated at the moment but other organizations have lifted the threat of a departure.

Increase in overtime at the hospital, paid before September

The question at LCI on Monday wanted Health Minister Olivier Véran to be reassuring. “We’re working, we’re moving forward,” he said, indicating that “more than a hundred national-level consultations” had been conducted since Ségur started.

Random Calendar? This weekend, the government published regulations confirming the payment of an exceptional bonus of EUR 1000 to 1500 for nursing home employees and an increase of 50% of overtime work at the hospital, which will be paid before September.

As for the salary increases promised under Ségur, “the appointment is fixed” with the caregivers, Monday also reminded Olivier Véran. “In early July, they will have all the answers to the questions they ask and the claims they legitimately make.”

With AFP