French team – Didier Deschamps confesses his admiration for Joachim Löw

The coach of the French team says he “admires” Joachim Löw’s journey at the forefront of the German selection.

In a cross interview conducted by the FFF and the German Federation (DFB), Didier Deschamps and Joachim Löw discuss the launch of the euro and the shape of their teams. The two coaches also talk about each other. The opportunity for Didier Deschamps to say all the good he thinks of his German counterpart, in place since July 12, 2006, ie 181 matches and a World Cup that won in 2014.

“He was criticized after the 2018 World Cup, which often happens to a coach, after a failure”, recalls the coach of the French team. And he adds: “Do you think Joachim, who was the best 2014, could have become the worst four years later? Personally, I don’t think so. His background is largely in his favor. With Joachim, the skill is there, it doesn’t. I admire his career, which led him to the world title in 2014. At the human level, he is someone who is accessible and sympathetic, who has always shown humility. “

“France? The highest level in the world”

On Tuesday, June 16, the Blues should have started their Euro in Munich against Germany. A very high level match that the Germans had been planning for many months. “We started analyzing the French team from the draw on November 30, 2019. But with France, it makes no sense to go into detail. France remains France, replies Joachim Löw. It is the highest level in the world. “

“They always have a very good team and are still among the best countries in Europe and in the world. The names of the players only speak volumes. De Fontaine, Platini, Giresse, Tigana, Vieira, Henry, Lizarazu, in Pogba, Kanté, Griezmann, Coman or Mbappé. And Deschamps, of course (laughs). Didier was an exceptional player. A point guard, who always wanted to win. Team. “

The compliments are many for one and for the other. As for their reunion at the European Championships, we have to wait until next year, because the competition has been postponed until 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.