Guardiola says Manchester City is not ready for a recovery

The manager of Skyblues believes that Manchester City did not have enough time for the resumption of the English Championship.

The English Championship will resume on Wednesday evening with a tempting face-to-face match between Arsenal and Manchester City. But Sky Blues is not physically ready, as their manager regrets.

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Indeed, Guardioa believes that the preparations were too short for his men, that he did not expect a state of optimal form.

“Yes, we still lack work,” ‘Pep’ lamented at a press conference. Unlike in Germany or Spain where they worked five or six weeks. All Premier League teams have only three (preparation) weeks. And we all know that is not enough. We are ready to play a match, but to chain another three days after, then another four days after we are not ready. That’s why we have to rotate. “

When asked about the current level of his team, the former Barça coach remains skeptical: “I don’t know. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will see its level. And by law, we will see and evaluate what we can do best. “