Revival of Covid-19 in China: “Beijing is not Wuhan 2.0”

On the first page of the press this Tuesday, June 16, 2020, a hundred new pollution cases will resurface at Covid-19 in Beijing, China, where the authorities are afraid of a new epidemic scare. The mobilization in France of healthcare personnel to get more resources for the hospital after the krona virus crisis. And questions about Emmanuel Macron’s call to “work more” to turn the economy around.

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Chinese official daily The Global Times tries to reassure its compatriots: “Beijing is not Wuhan 2.0. Beijing has benefited from the experience of fighting coronavirus in recent months. The capital, therefore, responded quickly, this time, and implemented the preventive measures “which are essential, secures the newspaper – by confirming that” the virus will not spread in the wild like in the beginning of Wuhan “, the epidemic in China, and that it does not there is “any possibility of the epidemic spreading from Beijing to other parts of the country, on a large scale.”

In France, the number of contaminants continues to decrease, but caregivers return to battle to finally get the funds they have been asking for months, well before the epidemic of Covid-19. “Time is no longer for applause but for action”: L’Humanité warns that a possible “return to the abnormal would be all the more unbearable for caregivers as they had warned the government that the budget cuts would endanger lives”.

Back to the abnormal or back to the future? Who is the president on the front page tomorrow for the liberation? Emmanuel Sarkozy or Nicolas Macron? … The Prime Minister’s statement, Sunday night, about the need to “work more”, to raise the bar after the krona virus crisis, recalls the liberation of his predecessor’s mantra Sarkozy, “work more to earn more”. The unions themselves are asking Emmanuel Macron to “remove the ambiguity”: if he thinks we have to put as many people as possible into the job, it is “so much the better”; but if that meant everyone had to work longer, they would say “totally inept”. Emmanuel Macron, also invited by L’Opinion to turn down his cards and “get to the heart of the matter”, without fear of “meeting the forbidden debate, and angering the high priests for the 35-hour week, (or) fighting with old French moons” …