the situation in Beijing was considered “extremely serious”

Before the re-emergence of the epidemic in the new Beijing coronavirus, the mayor’s spokesman spoke to the media on Tuesday. About 90,000 people appear every day in the Chinese capital.

Beijing city is engaged in “a race against the clock” against Covid-19, declared Tuesday, June 16, before the press spokesman for City Hall, Xu Hejian. He described the situation as “extremely serious”. Since last week, the Chinese capital has identified more than a hundred new cases of Covid-19 contamination.

The city of 21 million inhabitants has increased its daily screening capacity to more than 90,000 people per day.

This recovery in the number of infections, centered around Xinfadi’s giant market, in the southern capital, prompted the authorities to decide, in addition to the encroachment of about 30 residential areas, the closure of sports and cultural sites that would open their doors again after months of closure.

Re-inflation of Covid-19 cases in China © France 24

Restricted neighborhoods, closure of cultural and sports facilities … recovery of the Covid-19 case in China

WHO monitors the situation “very carefully”

While this revival of the epidemic raises fears of a “second wave”, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday said “very carefully” the situation in Beijing and mentioned the possible sending of additional experts in the coming days.

Covid-19 made its appearance in late 2019 in China, in Wuhan, in the middle of the country.

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