The White House to block the John Bolton book

Legal action was taken on Tuesday by the US government to block the June 23 issue of the book by John Bolton, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser. It would contain classified information and would not have been approved in advance.

President Donald Trump had warned that John Bolton would break the law if his book came out. He followed his threats. The US government initiated legal action Tuesday, June 16, in an attempt to block the publication of the book by the former White House national security adviser, who is expected to paint a very critical portrait of the Trump presidency.

The book “The Room Where It Happened, A White House Memoir,” is scheduled to be released on June 23, says Bolton’s attorney Charles Cooper.

The complaint, filed with a federal court, alleges that the 71-year-old neoconservative had not approved his text in advance, and that his work “clearly contravenes the agreements he signed as a condition of his employment and its access to highly classified information.” “

In passing, the government slides into its complaint that the advisor “had negotiated” his story “for an amount of about two million dollars”.

A penalty revealed to the media

So far, only one sentence from the book has been released to the media. And she announces the color: “I find it difficult to find a single important decision by Trump, during my term, which was not guided by a calculation for his re-election,” wrote in his memoirs this hawk, considered a thinker of the the republican camp’s sovereignist franc, is hostile to multilateralism and willingly goes to war.

“What Bolton saw stunned him: a president for whom reelection is the only thing that matters, even if it means endangering or weakening the nation,” its editor Simon & Schuster reported.

According to this report, the real estate agent made the decision to terminate far beyond the Ukrainian business alone.

On September 10, the US president brutally dismissed one of his main advisers, amid disagreements over the management of several sensitive files such as North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia.

A “pretext for censoring Mr. Bolton”

In a new column published in the Wall Street Journal, Charles Cooper writes that his client has rewritten several requests at the White House to ensure that classified information is not disclosed. Charles Cooper adds that Mr Bolton thought he had approved the White House in May but never received a letter confirming it.

On June 8, he replied, a senior representative of the National Security Council responded in a letter that Bolton’s manuscript “contains classified information and that the publication of the book would violate his non-disclosure agreement”.

“This is an open attempt to use national security as a pretext to censor Mr. Bolton, in violation of his constitutional right to speak on matters of utmost importance. This attempt will not succeed,” Cooper concludes.

The powerful ACLU civil rights organization said “all attempts by the Trump administration to prevent the publication of John Bolton’s book” were “doomed to failure,” recalling a Supreme Court decision against Richard Nixon declaring unconstitutional government censorship.

A former member of the National Security Council to former Democratic President Barack Obama, Ned Price accused him on Twitter of the administration of “burying the evidence of Trump’s corruption.”

With AFP and Reuters