VIDEO – Nuno Gomes: “Bernardo Silva has developed a lot with Guardiola”

The former Portuguese international praised the progress of his compatriot Bernardo Silva, impressive under the colors of Manchester City.

Former Portuguese international (from 1996 to 2011), Nuno Gomes closely agrees with his compatriots. And inevitably the man with 79 selections for Seleçao fell in love with the attacking midfielder Bernardo Silva, former AS Monaco who now plays in Manchester City.

“With Pep Guardiola he has come a lot”

According to Nuno Gomes, Bernardo Silva is simply one of Portugal’s main assets, the one that has largely come under orders from Pep Guardiola, in England. “Bernardo Silva is one of the best Portuguese players for me at the moment. With Pep Guardiola he has come a lot”, thus explained what developed under the colors of Lisbon Benfica, and fully understand the assumed praise of Pep Guardiola against the left-hander.

“I think Guardiola has often said that he was a big fan of Bernardo Silva, and I think the latter, knowing that he has the confidence of his coach, gets his talent to speak on the field,” then adds the former Portuguese international. In the event of Cristiano Ronaldo’s retirement, the legacy is already secure.